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July 27, 2010

Your Support Against Stoning and Executions in Iran (Video 2)

People have shown their support with pictures, Against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s Stoning to Death Sentence, Against Stoning to Death, and Against Executions in Iran. Thanks to all those who have participated !! For those who have not participated, its NOT late! There is NO deadline for this project. A new video will be posted every one month, and pictures will also be posted here [].

Here are Directions-

Just simply take a piece of paper and write:


Or you can change it up, but keep it similar please.

It can be in any language.

Take a picture of the sign, you DO NOT have to show your face in the picture. Thats optional. You can also create a sign/picture on the computer, a lot of you may have the ”Paint” feature on your computers.

If you want you can Sign your Name

Pictures will be posted in a photo album in this Facebook group, and also will be in a video/slideshow I’m making.

Keep them coming 🙂 A new video will be posted every month with all pictures sent to us. And pictures will be added to this album everyday.

*Please send all pictures to OR post it on this Facebook Group’s, Wall.

Thank you. Administration of FB Group []

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