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Call for Global Protest Against A New Round of Executions in Iran & in Support of Kazemi, Ashtiani, Jalalian and Others at Imminent Risk of Execution: Thursday August 5, 2010 (via برای ایران آزاد mission free iran)

August 6, 2010

Call for Global Protest Against A New Round of Executions in Iran & in Support of Kazemi, Ashtiani, Jalalian and Others at Imminent Risk of Execution: Thursday August 5, 2010 Shirin Nariman, a human rights activist, a former political prisoner, and one of the the campaigners collaborating with Mission Free Iran in this case has called for global protest in support of Jafar Kazemi and all of those under imminent threat of torture and execution. Mission Free Iran supports that call by opening this campaign. Cities already confirmed for protest on Thursday August 5 include: Tbilisi GEORGIA: Berlin GERMANY: Glasgow SCOTLA … Read More

via برای ایران آزاد mission free iran


Three people were hanged in the prison of Ahvaz, southwest of Iran

July 28, 2010

Three people were hanged in the prison of Ahvaz, southwest of Iran

Tuesday 27 July 2010
Iran Human Rights, July 27: Three people were hanged in the Karoun prison of Ahvaz (southwestern Iranian province of Khuzestan) yesterday morning, reported the official site of the judiciary in Khuzestan.
All the three were convicted of drug trafficking and identified by their initials as “A. A.” convicted of keeping 80 grams of crack, “S. Z.” convicted of keeping 335 grams of heroin and “S. M.” for keeping 43 grams of heroin.
No independent sources has confirmed the charges mentioned above.

Call to save the lives of two political prisoners on hunger strike

July 28, 2010

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

NCRI – The Iranian Resistance calls for efforts to save the lives of political prisoners who are on hunger strike in Gohardasht prison in Karaj, west of Tehran.

Mr. Reza Joshan, a political prisoner in Ward 6 of Gohardasht prison who has been on hunger strike since July 21 in protest against intolerable situation and pressure in the prison, was transferred to Gohardasht Prison’s clinic and then to another hospital outside prison on July 26 because of his deteriorating health condition.

Reza Joshan, 25, was arrested on December 1, 2009 because of his brother’s presence in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, and was severely tortured. He has been under enormous pressure and persecution by the regime’s henchmen to accept to write an amnesty plea from the regime’s Supreme Leader. That includes his transfer to Ward 6 of Gohardasht Prison where dangerous offenders and ordinary prisoners are kept. He has been barred from visiting his family during this period. He has not been allowed to have family visits during this period. Mrs. Zahra Assadpour Gorji (Joshan), Reza’s mother, who was arrested a week after him for the second time, now is in the women’s ward of Gohardasht Prison. She had previously been jailed for 16 months for seeing her son in Ashraf. His father and sister had been arrested prior to that for the same charge.

Meanwhile the health of Khalid Hardani, a political prisoner in Ward 4 of the Gohardasht Prison, who has also been on hunger strike since Thursday July 22 to protest the attacks and pressures exerted by the regime’s henchmen and agents, has been deteriorating.

Mr. Arjang Davoudi, a political prisoner from Ward 3 of Gohardasht prison is kept with dangerous inmates. His health is also deteriorating after two weeks of hunger strike. He has been subjected to torture and many kinds of pressure since November 2003 in Evin, Bandar Abbas and Gohardasht prisons.

The Iranian Resistance warns about the lives of hunger striking political prisoners and calls on all international authorities and human rights organizations, particularly the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and special rapporteurs on arbitrary arrests and torture at the UN, to adopt urgent measures to investigate the situation of hunger striking political prisoner.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 28, 2010

Attorney in Iran stoning case remains missing

July 27, 2010


Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Tehran, Iran (CNN) – An attorney representing an imprisoned Iranian woman facing possible execution by stoning remained missing Tuesday, although his wife and brother-in-law were in custody, a human rights activist said.

Mohammad Mostafaei’s wife and brother-in-law were being held at Tehran’s Evin prison, said Mina Ahadi, chairwoman of the International Committee against Execution and Stoning. Neither has had access to a lawyer, she said.

Mostafaei’s father-in-law was contacted by officials Monday, who told him that both his children would be freed in exchange for Mostafaei himself, Ahadi said. She said Monday that Mostafaei’s office has been closed.

Mostafaei represents Sakineh Mohammadie Ashtiani, who was convicted of adultery in 2006 and was originally sentenced to death by stoning. The sentence was put on hold earlier this month after an international outcry.

Earlier this month, Mostafaei told CNN that his client confessed to the crime after being subjected to 99 lashes with a whip. She later recanted the confession and has denied wrongdoing, he said.

Iranian state media reported this month that the nation’s judiciary chief halted the execution of Ashtiani.

“Although the verdict still stands and is definite, the execution has been halted on humanitarian grounds from the order of the honorable judiciary chief, and will not be implemented at this time,” Malek Ajdar Sharifi, a judiciary official in East Azerbaijan province, told Iran’s Islamic Republic News Agency.

There is no clear timeline for Ashtiani’s case, Ahadi said Tuesday. The imprisoned woman has two attorneys, and Ahadi was expecting an update from the second. He must get an appointment with authorities in order to move forward on the case, she said.

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July 27, 2010

Your Support Against Stoning and Executions in Iran (Video 2)

People have shown their support with pictures, Against Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani’s Stoning to Death Sentence, Against Stoning to Death, and Against Executions in Iran. Thanks to all those who have participated !! For those who have not participated, its NOT late! There is NO deadline for this project. A new video will be posted every one month, and pictures will also be posted here [].

Here are Directions-

Just simply take a piece of paper and write:


Or you can change it up, but keep it similar please.

It can be in any language.

Take a picture of the sign, you DO NOT have to show your face in the picture. Thats optional. You can also create a sign/picture on the computer, a lot of you may have the ”Paint” feature on your computers.

If you want you can Sign your Name

Pictures will be posted in a photo album in this Facebook group, and also will be in a video/slideshow I’m making.

Keep them coming 🙂 A new video will be posted every month with all pictures sent to us. And pictures will be added to this album everyday.

*Please send all pictures to OR post it on this Facebook Group’s, Wall.

Thank you. Administration of FB Group []

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July 26, 2010

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